Chatto Creek Gypsy Cobs


Desert Jewel Flash's Gold as Ice (Imp USA) Aka "Finn"


Flash of Gold x Rubysky Palomino Perfection

DOB: 18/05/2012
Official RAS Height: 135 cm  13/9/2014
Colour DNA: ee CrCr Tt Neg Overo
DNA Verified Sire: Desert Jewel Flash of Gold 
DNA Verified Dam: Ruby Sky Palomino Perfection
Registration Info: NZGCA Pure-00036

NZGCA Stallion Soundness Cert : All clear 4/12/2014

PSSM1 Result: n/n

FIS: Negative
Service Fee: $1200 incl GST for natural service LFG
Service Fee: $900 incl GST for AI plus collection and transport cost LFG

Pedigree: NZGCA Studbook



Finn is a cremello tobiano (ee CrCr Tt) from Desert Jewel Gypsy Cobs in USA. He was largely chosen on the merits of his super parents - his sire is the fabulous Flash of Gold (15.1 hh) and his dam is Rubysky Palomino Perfection (14.1 hh), who was originally called Vines Golden Hope - and the fact that he will grow to around 14.3 - 15 hh.

He was born on 18th May 2012 and travelled from USA in New Zealand in November, which is a considerable journey for such a young lad .... we received nothing but positive comments about Finn’s behaviour during the quarantine, flight, and transport down to us.

Finn is lovely to have around and very much a ‘smooch’. There is loads of feather on his chunky legs and he is filling out beautifully in body.
Being a cremello means that he is guaranteed to give his offspring a cream gene, therefore producing palomino, buckskin and smokey black only. He is heterozygous for tobiano, so will produce both solid and broken colours.

We are very grateful to Desert Jewel for letting us bring Finn all the way to New Zealand!


Sire - DJ Flash of Gold and Dam - Rubysky Palomino Perfection