Chatto Creek Gypsy Cobs


Gyspy Magic Nova

  • Gypsy Star of Brackenhill x Angel Valley Lizzie
  • DOB 10 October 2008
  • RAS offical measure (13 Sept. 2014) 138.5 cm/13.3 Hands
  • EE Tt aa


Nova's sire is Gypsy Star of Brackenhill, who is from the world renowned Brackenhill stables and his grandsire and great grandsire is the famous Davey Ward's Black & White Stallion and Davey Ward's Black stallion. Star of Brakenhill's grandsire on his dam's side is Eddie Alcock's Old Black Horse and great grandsire on his dam's side is the famous Coal Horse. Nova has some excellent lines with Gikes White Mare, the Lob and the Horseshoe mare in her background.


Her dam is Angel Valley Lizzie. She has been described as the most gentle and patient mare could you find. She is Eddie Alcock bred with her sire going back to the Lob.


Nova's cheeky, but friendly, attitude constantly makes Charlotte smile! Kindred spirits!







Chatto Creek MacKenzie (Nova x John Brodie) and Chatto Creek Olympia (Nova x Brackenhill Dusk)




Dam and Sire


Lizzie (Dam) with Nova, and Gypsy Star of Brakenhil (Nova's Sire)